People Get Real About The Moment At Their Wedding That Almost Ruined Everything

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Weddings can be a huge source of anxiety for everyone involved. And usually — usually — the biggest thing that goes wrong is not that big. The best man may get too tipsy and flub his speech, but everyone laughs. Maybe there aren't enough hors d'oeuvres to go around, but then you sit down to dinner and forget about it.
Occasionally, though, that disaster you've been having nightmares about for months actually comes true. Or, almost comes true. In a recent Reddit thread, user @ToastStomper asked the question: "Reddit, what happened at your wedding that *almost* ruined everything?"
A few redditors who have been there, done that shared their experiences. Gather 'round for some of the craziest wedding stories, ever.
"The weather. It was a horrible storm. We had rented an old Volkswagen Transporter as our wedding car. The surfboard kind of car. Really cool. But once we got on the highway, it was actually almost tipping over. Like seriously! My wife was so scared! Also taking the pictures was terribly cold and we had to cut it short by at least an hour because our lips were turning blue... In the end we did have an absolutely amazing day, and the pictures actually turned out to be absolutely stunning thanks to the weather." @hansvanhengel
"I had requested assistance from a good friend of ours to help out [with] transporting some guests... She ended up leaving an hour into the party to fuck our recently divorced coworker, leaving my husband and a few other guests stranded an hour outside the city. It wouldn't have RUINED the whole night...but it was certainly shitty of her to add such unnecessary stress and not even apologize for bailing." — @serenerdy
"My friend who was my best man, his wife at the time, got raging drunk at the reception... On the way home, she jumped out of the moving car while they were turning and ran away... She ended up...running to a local bar. Got drunker, got in a fight with a woman she knew there... She spent three days in jail. I found all this out the next day while waiting to get on the plane to my honeymoon." — @devildunkard
"I hired a small, independent baker to do my cake. Her apartment, out of which she was baking, lost power while she was making my cake. The cake ended up being ugly, but delicious." — @Black_Delphinium

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