A Wedding Officiant Lost The Ring & It Was So Painful To Watch

Photographed By Megan Madden.
The wedding ceremony is on a bridge. The best man brings the officiant the rings. The officiant takes them, but in the next millisecond something happens — we're not sure what — to make the rings (or just one of them?!) tumble right into the water. Everyone freezes in disbelief for what seems like eternity, the bride covering her mouth with her hand in shock. The bridesmaids look around, not sure what to do.
This short clip started a Reddit thread that has gotten over 200 comments since being posted this morning. Someone even found the original video to make sure it's legit. And...it's pretty hard to watch.
Redditors had a lot of different reactions.
The cringes:
"That hurt me...damn..."
"I just died inside."
The jokes:
"The length of time to react after a fuck-up is directly proportional to the severity of the fuck-up."
"Hope he knows how to swim..."
"I thought the mannequin challenge wasn't a thing anymore."
The "so WTF happened" reactions:
"The sad thing is it isn't even his fault. It fell out as soon as he opened the box."
"Probably opened it with the lid down."
The stories:
"This actually happened to me, too. My wife and I were married on a pier, and my best man tripped when handing the ring over to the officiant. Lobbed it straight into the lake.
"Cool part was my uncle was a metal-detecting junkie, and the pier was over water that was only 2-3 feet deep. We went ahead and skipped that part of the ceremony, but after it was over he rolled up his pant legs and found the damn thing."
The cries of "save the ring":
"Best man needs to jump in after it."
"That's when you look up the nearest Walmart/Target, spend $30 on a cheap snorkel mask/swim trunks, and you GO GET THE FUCKING RING AND SAVE THE DAY."
In the end, it's not the rings that matter, of course (although hopefully, they weren't super-expensive).
"The groom pauses, but you can tell he laughs it off at the end," writes one redditor. "Good husband material right there. Knows not to sweat the small stuff, like material things. She's still your wife, ring or no ring. And it's just money. His little laugh at the end says a lot about him."

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