These Vibrating Underwear Are Basically A Party In Your Pants

Photo: Courtesy of Oh
There's a hierarchy to most people's underwear collection: you have the pairs you wear when you think you're going to have sex, the ones that are strictly for sleeping in, your period day pairs, the go-to's for taking sexy selfies, and so on. But the thing is, you can make pretty much any pair of underwear (yes, even the cotton ones from the supermarket super sexy by adding a vibrator.
Some underwear are made for this exact purpose, and include a pocket that you can slide a small vibrator inside. In theory, you're supposed to wear the vibrating underwear as you go about your day, and surreptitiously operate it using a remote control or app. Or you could just wear them in bed while you or your partner controls the vibrations. However you choose to use them, vibrating pants are a fun and unexpected way to make using a vibrator a little more exciting — or at the very least, hands-free.
Ahead, we found the best vibrating underwear and some vibrators that fit inside of the lingerie you already own.

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