Karlie Kloss' VS Beauty Trick Is Free — But You're Not Going To Like It

The life of a Victoria's Secret model may seem #blessed, but earning (and then keeping) those wings is a full-time job. After all the workouts and meal plans and fittings comes the mandatory spa treatments — and while last year’s angels relied on luxurious 24K gold masks to whip skin into shape pre-show, veteran VS model Karlie Kloss is sharing another approach to getting runway ready. The upshot? Pretty much anyone can DIY and afford the tools, but fair warning: Her methods aren’t for the faint of heart.
In a video shared to YouTube yesterday, Kloss walks us through a quick 20-minute prep treatment, following the advice of renowned esthetician Georgia Louise (who treats Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Linda Evangelista) — and it starts with one rude awakening: a frigid, 20-second ice bath geared toward brightening and tightening skin. After watching Kloss take the plunge, screaming in shock as she splashes ice water on her face, it’s hard to tell whether her skin is instantly tighter, but it's definitely red AF. “Actually, it’s kind of nice after a while,” Kloss remarks while toweling off her skin. Um, we’ll take your word for it, Karlie.
Next, the model applies a dime-sized amount of Biologique Recherche Masque VIP O2, a hydrating mask that contains more active ingredients than most cleansers (however, Louise notes any cream mask will do). After warming the mask between her hands, Kloss massages it into her skin ,swiping left and right on the forehead, around the bridge of the nose (to lift cheekbones), along the jaw, and around the orbital bone for a little lymphatic drainage. This is why people pay skin pros like Louise the big bucks, so watch the technique in the video and treat yourself without spending a dime.
Then it's time for the application of a hydrating serum (in this case, Biologique Recherche Serum Fluide VIP O2), used in place of a heavier cream. Kloss presses the serum into skin using a Swedish technique called tapotement (rapid tapping to stimulate skin cells).
Finally, the two bust out something that looks like it could be used in a gyno exam: stainless steel freeze sticks. In reality, they’re much less scary. These wands, taken right from the freezer, are fancier versions of teaspoons — something the rest of us can use easily at home. After massaging with the sticks and holding them over the eyes to stimulate circulation and depuff, Kloss is ready to head out the door. We must admit, her skin does look refreshed. Now excuse us while we draw a torture bath after all.
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