Millennials Want Their Parents To Experience The Upside Down

Christmas will be upon us before you know it. Turkey, stuffing and all lovely things will be abundant. However, it also means that you will inevitably have to navigate the veritable minefield of political arguments with that one person who just cannot for the life of them resist pushing your buttons.
Thankfully, there's reason to hope, because Hello Giggles reports that a new Netflix study indicates that both parents and millennials think gabbing about TV is a safe and enjoyable way to bond.
According to the study, nearly 57% of millennials reported that they would like their 'rents to experience the wonders of Hawkins, Indiana, which is something I can 100% get behind. After all, what better way to avoid the upside-down nature of our current political climate than fully immersing yourself in the (honestly less scary) Upside Down?
Together, you can relish in the '80s nostalgia — you know your dad is dying to tell you about his legendary high score in Street Fighter — and unite against a common enemy: Demodogs.
If you want to make the experience even more memorable, might I suggest taking a sip of brandy and eggnog every time Dustin Henderson curses or your mum mentions how adorable she thinks Steve Harrington is? ("Sip" is the key word here, since there will undoubtedly be a lot of both.)
Then, you could all sit around and feed photos of your annoying relatives to Dart with this fun new game! In no time, you'll all be laughing and creating lifelong memories you can pass down for generations.
In between seasons, you can even things out and strike up a conversation about some of Netflix's parent-preferred shows, which Hello Giggles notes are Chef's Table and Mindhunter.
Should your family be interested in absolutely none of the above, there's still hope: Watching WKRP's timeless turkey sketch has never once failed to ease tensions at my family gatherings.
Best of luck, and remember: If Will could survive a smoke monster invading his body, you can likely handle a weekend filled with relatives.

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