This Woman Looks Exactly Like Lady Gaga — & It's Freaking Us Out

Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage.
Having a celebrity doppelgänger can be a very good or very bad thing. On the one hand, it might land you access, free stuff, and infinite bragging rights — on the other, it might send the internet trolls to your house, as the Kim and Kylie lookalikes learned the hard way.
For 18-year-old Amethyst Rose, who is constantly compared to Lady Gaga, the feedback is positive — though extremely persistent. She says she's been compared to the Joanne singer over 677 times. Yep, she's counted.
Two days ago, Rose posted a photo with a caption referencing her famous doppelgänger. "So the other day I counted how many Lady Gaga comments I've gotten because I always joke that if I had a dollar for every time someone had called me that I'd be rich and it was 677," she wrote. "677 hypothetical dollars which is rich to me. That's of course not including the pictures I have deleted or in person comments. But this was the first picture where people really started noticing."
But that wasn't the first time Rose acknowledged how much she looks like the famous singer. Back in September, Rose also posted a photo of her attempt at a Gaga look from American Horror Story: Hotel, "I can't wait to do some more of her looks ☺️," she wrote.

I can't wait to do some more of her looks ☺️

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Although Rose appears to have a black buzzcut IRL, she tends to rock wigs of varying colours — some eerily similar to Gaga's hairstyle for her current tour. But it's not just the hair. It's the striking eyebrows, the bold lips, and the minimal tattoos that makes us do a total double take. In this case, she's a lookalike fully embracing the similarities — and really, why wouldn't you?
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