Louis Tomlinson Trolling Niall Horan For Being Afraid Of Stranger Things Is The Best

Some people just weren't cut out for the Upside Down.
After sharing his frustration that "you can't have a normal conversation with someone these days if you haven't seen 'game of thrones' or 'stranger things,'" Flicker crooner Niall Horan decided to give the latter series a shot. But after just one episode, he seems to have decided that he's a little too spooked by all of the weird happenings in Hawkins, Indiana.
"So I started 'Stranger Things' last night and hid behind a pillow for 55 minutes. Jesus that's intense," he tweeted on Halloween.
To be fair, the series is totally suspenseful and scary. Demogorgons aside, the teenage angst alone is enough to make you want to retreat at times.
While plenty of his fans offered him their unending support, former One Direction bandmate and pal Louis Tomlinson delivered a burn so great it would definitely scorch every slimy man-killing slug found in those creepy underground tunnels ruining all of the crops in Hawkins.
Tomlinson took a screenshot of an article titled "Is 'Stranger Things' Too Scary For Kids," slapped it in a tweet (Google link and all), and captioned it, "Should have read this beforehand lad!"
For someone who once said he was the "forgettable" member of 1D, that was one widely well-received zinger. In the following hours, Tomlinson's mic drop garnered over 36,000 retweets and nearly 97,000 likes. Fans even responded with things like, "I LIVE FOR SASSY LOUIS" and "Nouis banter is what I live for."
Yeah, I'm willing to wager that no one will be forgetting Tomlinson's incredible knack for humor any time soon.
Even the Stranger Things official Twitter account couldn't resist joining in on the fun, responding to Horan with a GIF of Jonathan asking Nancy if she wanted the light "on or off."
I'm going to guess his personal answer would be "on."

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