Blake Lively & Ryan Reynold's Youngest Is Already A "Little Foodie"

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Blake Lively stopped by Live With Kelly And Ryan to promote her new movie, All I See Is You. While there, she shared a little about her two daughters, James and Ines. Commiserating with Kelly Ripa about how much easier the second baby is, she said that not only is one-year-old Ines great at sleeping through the night, she’s already a miniature gourmand.
“She came out of the womb a little foodie,” laughs Lively, explaining that they do impressions of her saying “What’s your signature special?”
Ryan Seacrest then expressed hope that any future kids of his would be similarly adventurous. Ripa and Lively, both parents, explained that most kids are willing to try anything until they hit the “beige food” stage at age three.
Lively is not deterred by this, however. She joked that, like how there are parents of Olympians who push their kids to train at an early age, she plans on raising a "chef baby," comparing herself to the ghost in Ratatouille who inspires Remy to cook.
"That was an amazing movie, because it was a movie about rats in a kitchen," Ripa observes. Lively even remarked that, after seeing rat in a café in Paris, she got excited thinking, "Remy!"
While Lively and Reynolds both love talking about their children in public, they have also been protective about putting them in the actual spotlight. We didn't get a glimpse of the family together until last December, when Reynolds brought the whole family to the ceremony to unveil his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
It isn't the first time Lively has talked about Ines's food proclivities on a talk show. Earlier this month, she told Jimmy Fallon that Ines was 'ham-fisting two steaks" on her first birthday, choosing to ignore the Cookie Monster cake they presented her with. Sounds like a baby after our own foodie hearts.
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