Kristen Stewart's Trick For Growing Out Your Pixie Is Genius

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
Unlike the mysterious storyline that stems from a high school misfit falling in love with a blood-sucking vampire, where everything is damn near as complicated as it seems, the curious case of Kristen Stewart's darker, slightly frosted pixie cut has a pretty easy explanation: It's all part of the grow-out process — and a little styling product.
"Her hair looks darker simply because of the product [used]," explains Bridget Brager, Stewart's hairstylist and the new ambassador for Herbal Essences. "Gels and pomades do that — they take your hair shade down a notch." Optical illusion aside, the style also lends a peek at the star's natural hair colour as it grows back in.
When the actress stepped out earlier this month with the kind of frosted tips that would make Ashley Parker Angel circa 1999 very proud, that too was part of the process. "She had all these divots of her natural colour poking out, but now it's grown to an even length," Brager explains, adding that she's only snipped off any weight in the back of the head and around the face to soften the "poof." "It's not like [Kristen] to be prim and proper — she's always got some flair."
Which is why last night, at the Elle Women In Hollywood Awards, her dark hair-fake out felt perfectly on par with Stewart's DGAF approach to beauty. The buzzcut did, after all, spark a huge trend across Hollywood — with everyone from Kate Hudson to Keke Palmer debuting a similar look.
"She wasn't even supposed to go that short for the role," Brager says. "She did it because she wanted to — that was her idea." As with most things, if you want to be ahead of the beauty curve, all you have to do is follow Stewart's lead. In which case: Pass the pomade, anyone?
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