Lili Reinhart Reveals The Truth About Her Very Expressive Eyebrows

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Lili Reinhart is not Betty Cooper — and Betty Cooper is not Lili Reinhart. While the 21-year-old actress plays the famous comic character on the CW hit Riverdale, the two share plenty of differences. For starters, Reinhart doesn't exclusively eat burgers from a diner or wear a ponytail every single day. But you'd be surprised at how much the two do have in common. Apart from having a soft spot for brooding partners and the inclination to analyse everything and anything, they also share a preference of low-maintenance beauty.
We recently sat down with Reinhart to chat about the series' upcoming season, behind-the-scene secrets, and the beauty treatments she does on an airplane. Read it for yourself, below.
Her Favorite On-Set Beauty Find
Spending the course of 10 months filming the second season sounds like it'd be exhausting, but Reinhart assures us it has its beauty perks. "Everything I use on set, I go buy it for myself — I literally just write down everything my makeup artist uses," she tells Refinery29. One of her favourites? "I use Josie Maran foundation. I don't like a heavy foundation, I like to see my skin. So, I use light foundation." On her days off, though, she skips cosmetics altogether. "I like to let my skin breathe," Reinhart says.
How She Deals With Breakouts
The star admits that on the show, her character experiences a lot of stress and anxiety for the average teenager — something she relates with. Reinhart told Glamour earlier this year that she's struggled with social anxiety since she was young, which can definitely lead to breakouts. Always being on the go, she says, doesn't help: "My skin breaks out when I travel." Her go-to remedy? Spot treatment stickers, including the Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots and Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots. "I had seven blemish dots on my face last night on the airplane. They're the best."
The One Thing Fans Always Comment On
"People recognise in all of my red carpet photos, I always have my eyebrow cocked," she explains, adding that she often has to work on relaxing her face. "I think it's my left one. It's an automatic thing. I saw a comment that was like, 'Tell Lili's makeup artist to work on her eyebrow symmetry.' I was like, 'What? Do you think my eyebrow is just drawn up there?'" The good news? Those very expressive eyebrows means she can get her point across — without saying a damn word.
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