J.K. Rowling Wrote A Scene So Good, It Broke A Candle

Candles have a way of setting the scene. One flicker can transform boring bedrooms into cozy escapes, filling the space with relaxing aromatherapy and encapsulating the essence of the season with one scent. Just ask J.K. Rowling. Turns out that's how the Harry Potter author gets in the writing mode. Only the last time she lit the Jo Loves “Christmas Trees” candle, something magical happened.
Actually, it just exploded. Rowling posted a photo of the evidence to Twitter with the caption, "When you're writing a macabre scene & a giant candle suddenly explodes in your vicinity, adrenaline levels take a while to return to normal." The pine-scented candle, a limited-edition product from Jo Malone's newest fragrance company, happens to be a favourite of many.
She’s also aware that she’s the one at fault in the debacle. “To everyone telling me I let my candle burn for too long/burn to bottom of glass: I know. I don't blame the candle,” she tweeted a few hours later.
The irony of the Harry Potter author finding herself in an inexplicable act of "magic" is not lost on us, but candle explosions are more common than you might think. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted an in-depth investigation on candle safety, citing low wax as a major contributor to candle fires or explosions. (Jo Loves couldn't provide comment on why or how often this happens at press time, but the brand did note that the Christmas Trees scent would be making its U.S. debut for the holidays.)
We're certainly glad that Rowling is safe and didn't suffer from any burns. If only there was a spell for a bottomless candle. That would help right about now.
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