Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Peace at any price? Probably not gonna happen this week. Radical Uranus faces off with Jupiter, the planet of higher truths, putting our ideals front and centre. This revolutionary transit is incredibly rare, but in 2017 it happened twice, Thursday being the second exact hit. The first took place on March 3, so swipe back in your calendar. What were you protesting this spring? (Or what weren't you? Rage!) Another call to action will sound this week — and people may need to mobilise to get a unified message across. Warning: Tempers could flare and conflicts could get combustible. For best results, make your point proactively instead of getting sucked into a low-vibes Battle Royale.
Fortunately, Jupiter is still touring peacekeeping Libra until October 10, which will keep a semblance of harmony afoot. And on Saturday, messenger Mercury sweeps into Libra, joining Jupiter and the sun in efforts to make this a revolution of love. With mindful Mercury in the sign of fairness and equilibrium from Saturday until October 17, peace treaties could emerge — even where little hope was left. Do your part: Declare a cease fire and stop throwing shade. As within, so without.
Romantically, this Mercury cycle could spur an epic case of the butterflies. But forget about keeping things undefined. Libra is the sign of committed relationships, so only the keepers will make the cut!