There Is Something Very Wrong With This Picture Of Alicia Vikander

Tomb Raider fans were understandably stoked when the first trailer for the franchise reboot dropped earlier this week, showcasing a ripped Alicia Vikander as the classic video game character Lara Croft embarking on what she calls "an adventure" to finish what her father started.
Throughout the trailer, Croft jumps from a wrecked ship into the sea and swims to shore only to find that she's landed in unwelcome territory. From there, she has to fight for her life in order to fulfil her mission and close the tomb once and for all. It's a thrilling look into the film that's based upon the 2013 video game by the same name.
Unfortunately, we can't say the same for the film's poster. Since its release earlier this week, fans have been calling out the designers for a massive fail. Take a look below and see if you can spot it.
What the heck is up with her freakishly long neck?! For reference, here is a photo of Vikander sans what a co-worker has hilariously dubbed "dino neck."
For the life of me, I can't understand why they wouldn't leave the neck alone and let her insanely toned arms and back shine.
Never ones to miss an opportunity for a little fun, the people of the internet jumped in with their best takes on the Photoshop blunder. Warning: Some of these will make you ugly cry-laugh.
We can only hope that the Academy Award-winning actress will appear a little less, ummm, stretched out, on the big screen. After all, it would probably be difficult to navigate small spaces like tombs when you've got to worry about protecting your unnaturally long neck the whole time.

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