This Mum's Hair Disaster Is A Reminder To Double Check Your Conditioner

Dyeing your hair bright pink is typically a carefully considered decision made in a salon — or a locked bathroom so you can hide from your parents until the task is done. But for one mum, her recent hair transformation was a total accident. And she's still trying to reverse it a year later.
According to The Sun, 44-year-old Kerrie Henderson went to bask in some "me" time and took a relaxing bubble bath. She proceeded to wash her hair in the shower and absentmindedly reached for conditioner without realising it was her 24-year-old daughter's bottle. The problem: This wasn't your typical conditioning treatment — it was hair dye. (This is a good example of why you should never keep hair dye in the shower.)
Even after Henderson rinsed out the "conditioner," she still had no idea that anything was awry — until her six-year-old daughter pointed out her fresh bubblegum hue.
Photo: Caters News Agency.
Photo: Caters News Agency.
Henderson told The Sun that her 24-year-old daughter, who maintains a bold pink look with the hair dye, was to blame for the accident. And while rosé hair is certainly on-trend, Henderson was less than amused by the mix-up and immediately called her daughter to show her the results. The final look: A patchy half-blond, half-pink style that we'll probably see on Instagram next year.
Despite only leaving in the conditioner for a short amount of time, because Henderson is blonde, the colour stuck and hasn't really left for 12 months. To cover up the patchwork design, Henderson opted to box-dye her hair a more natural shade of... purple. Hey, maybe she's just not a pink person.
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