Plus-Size Model Manon Edwards Shows You Can Wear A Crop Top At Any Size

Plus-size model and body positivity advocate Manon Edwards is sharing the secret to her self-confidence on Instagram, and it all comes down to this: After the French blogger moved to California, she took advantage of the fresh start to work on how she felt about herself.
“I began surrounding myself with positive people who really brought my self-esteem up,” she told Yahoo Style. “It was refreshing for me to find such wonderful support.” Edwards wrote about her journey to self-love in a candid post on Instagram, which was accompanied by a photo of her wearing white shorts and a crop top.
“A size 16 wearing a white short and a crop top. That's not possible," she wrote. "Does not sound like a good outfit for a curvy girl. Well actually it DOES like something good because look at me! I'm hanging out on a rooftop, in San Diego California, me just an usual Curvy French girl enjoying her life, and wearing a white short. And sometimes I'm picturing myself as a girl who is scared to wear that kind of outfit. If I was still uncomfortable with my body I'll not be here. I'll not be in California, modelling, trying to achieve my biggest dream! Yep. Now stop thinking and let wear what do you want to wear! Let be yourself no matter your size!”
Across her Instagram you'll find other posts of Edwards discussing being fat-shamed, ignoring the haters, and turning the criticism into self-confidence — and using her platform to show others they can do the same. On September 16, she posted an image wearing a Forever 21 denim bustier and wrote: "Even if a LOT of idiots like to call me fat and for them it's not normal to be like me or even with more curves, it does not mean that we should not wear what make us confortable [sic]!"
“I want to use my platform to help other people who struggle with the way they look,” Edwards said. “You are beautiful the way you are. Everyone is unique and different. Find that love within yourself. It is possible. Do not limit yourself. Clothing is not just about a shirt or a skirt." And we couldn't agree more.
She added: "Clothing is a tool for showcasing your personality and who you are. Let fashion help you speak up for you.”

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