The Most Hilarious Lush Reviews Are In — & They Are Good

Product reviews are the insurance policies of online shopping: Sometimes, you just don't feel prepared to take the plunge unless you've read at least 12 glowing ones. Want to know if that £8 coconut-scented dental floss is worth it? Alex from Blackpool will tell you. Curious if anyone else got a whiff of rotten eggs from that face mask? The answer lies in Amazon's comments section.
When it comes to beauty brand Lush, however, responses extend far beyond the average "Five stars, will buy again." Bath bomb reviews read like a Nicholas Sparks novel — and enthusiasm is measured in ALL CAPS LOCK. It's because nobody commits diehard fandom like a Lush enthusiast — which means getting a play-by-play on products is practically a guarantee.
Ahead, the reviews that will make you laugh, smile, gag, scratch your head, and (most likely) add to cart.

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