This Thread About A Cheating Boyfriend Has Gone Viral

When a friend tells you they have a new love interest, you're usually excited for them. But the complete opposite happened for a Twitter user who goes by @AyanaTheDIVA, because when her new work friend opened up Instagram to show her a photo of the new man she was seeing, she showed her a picture of her boyfriend, Metro reports.
Ayana took a break between throwing her boyfriend's stuff out of the home they shared to post the whole, twisted story to Twitter — and it is a wild ride.
Both Ayana and her new friend are servers at a restaurant. The night that the guy neither of them thought was that good looking walked in, Ayana was too busy to see the photo her friend was showing their other coworkers — the photo of the guy she was seeing who she said was way hotter than that other guy. But a week later, a "fine ass CHOCOLATE MAN with a BEARD," walked in and it reminded her friend that Ayana hadn't seen her new boo's photo, yet.
That's when things went downhill.
While many people might have flipped out, Ayana decided to play it cool.
“[It was] not the first time I've been cheated on. And I ALWAYS react first, and ask questions later," she told Complex. "When you do that you usually don't get the answers you need. I decided to just let her do all the talking. I wanted to get everything I needed then decide how I should proceed."
She asked how her friend knew him, and whether they were in a relationship or if it was just a fling. When the girl told her that he's "just my boo but we talk everyday we might as well be together," Ayana still didn't spill that her friend's "boo" was actually her boyfriend. Instead, she invited her new friend over for a drink.
When she walked through her garage, she noticed that her boyfriend was actually already home, but still played it cool. Instead of letting him walk in to find them both in their living room, she decided to introduce them as if she didn't know they already knew each other.
Moral of the story: don't cheat on your partner. But if you do, maybe don't do it with the person who lives six houses down.
Refinery29 has reached out to Ayana and will update this article if we receive a response.
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