I Tried The UK’s Most Popular CBD Brand & Yes, It’s Worth The Hype

Photo Courtesy of TRIP.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably know what CBD is. Once a newfangled, unconventional wellness trend – buzzworthy and controversial – in 2022 it’s a staple in thousands of people’s lives, a balm for anxious minds and restless nights. It’s no surprise really, given that we’re two years deep into a pandemic and collective anxiety is at a high. This year the CBD market is predicted to be worth $22 billion, spanning everything from supplements and oil to serums and shampoos. The leader of the pack? Homegrown, premium CBD brand TRIP.
It’s no wonder TRIP is taking the lead. Their products are made to be savoured – fruity, floral and herbal CBD-infused drinks and flavoured CBD oils, not earthy and bitter like CBD tends to be. They’ve also done away with the dated, brown and green vibe for one that appeals to a millennial and Gen Z audience. Think sweet, candy-coloured packaging (detailed with cool, continuous line drawings) and lifestyle merch reminiscent of chic, minimalist brand Sporty & Rich. Even their tagline – "Take a TRIP to find your calm" – is fun.
But do the products live up to all the hype? To find out, I tested three of the brand’s CBD-infused drinks (Elderflower Mint, Peach Ginger and Lemon Basil, £14 for a six-pack of each) and two CBD oils (Wild Mint and Orange Blossom, £19 for 300mg, £39 for 1000mg) over several particularly stressful weeks which included work trips, travel and a move to a new flat.
Photo Courtesy of TRIP.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the many compounds found in cannabis and hemp. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s non-psychoactive, which means it won’t get you high. Your brain simply receives all the chill-out benefits.
CBD helps us physically, too. Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of tiny receptors that play a crucial role in regulating our bodies and keeping them in balance. Cannabinoids like CBD bind to these receptors, unlocking them and altering how our cells function, regulating everything from appetite and sleep to inflammation and pain.

What is TRIP?

TRIP is a premium CBD brand launched in 2019. Their high quality products are made in the UK and designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, making these 'moments of calm' that they talk about easy and accessible. Alongside CBD-infused soft drinks and flavoured CBD oils they also produce merch and gift sets. There's even CBD-infused cold brew coffee, which is a brand favourite and often sold out.
TRIP tests all of their CBD drinks and oils in a third party lab to ensure that quality standards are met and the CBD used is pure and THC-free. Even better, their products are gluten-free, palm oil-free and vegan.
Photo Courtesy of TRIP.

My initial thoughts

I’ve dabbled with CBD oil before and found it beneficial but hated the taste, so I was particularly excited when my TRIP package landed on my desk. Opening it up, I instantly loved the packaging: the cans are a cooler, more refined version of those M&S tinnies you pick up at the station; the CBD oil bottles are a very cute addition to my Hot Girl Side Table. Very aesthetic, very pastel Danish vibes – we love to see it.

Trying out TRIP’s CBD-infused drinks

When I want to relax in the evenings I often reach for a glass of wine or two in front of my latest Netflix obsession. I’ve been wanting an alcohol-free alternative for a while now; something that dulls the everyday, nine-to-five stresses without a hangover. I think I’ve found it. After just a few sips, the overactive, worrisome part of my brain is dulled a little and I feel myself relaxing. My favourite of the three flavours is the spicy Peach Ginger but each one is delicious. Lightly sparkling, you can’t pick out the usual bitter, earthy CBD taste. At £14 for a six-pack (you can get six of one flavour or a mixed pack with all three), it'll definitely be more of an occasional treat but I'm already planning a restock and have recommended TRIP’s drinks to friends.

Trying out TRIP’s CBD oil

I’ve officially found my favourite CBD oil. I started with the Wild Mint and was pleasantly surprised at how good it smells and tastes – minty coolness warmed by extra soothing chamomile. It works best for me if I take my TRIP oil in the evening as part of my nighttime routine. All I need is a few drops under my tongue to feel at ease, ready to slip into sleep and enjoy peaceful nights without stress dreams. Over the weeks I’ve noticed, too, that my stress headaches have eased. The mint flavour is also perfectly suited to my evening peppermint tea.
TRIP’s Wild Mint oil is labelled 'original' strength and each 30ml bottle has 300mg CBD. Of the brand's oils it has the lowest potency and is best recommended for CBD newbies. Opt for this one while you get used to CBD, if you find CBD affects you strongly or for everyday doses.
The Orange Blossom oil is far stronger at 1000mg to 30ml. Though it smells and tastes divine, personally I find it too strong. For now I think I’ll be sticking with Wild Mint and slowly work up to Orange Blossom on weekends.

Where to buy TRIP?

Want to try TRIP yourself? Head over to their website here, where you can also get 20% off with the promo code FINDCALM (until the end of February).
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