The Best Street Style At New York Fashion Week SS18

Over 10 years since street style arguably became as talked about as the shows themselves, dressing for Fashion Week has become an art: it's the art of looking elevated, while still looking like yourself. It's the art of dressing up, but also dressing for the throws of New York City's public transportation system, cobblestoned streets, and often-unpredictable temperatures. It's about knowing what looks best in candid photos, looking of-the-moment but not unlike yourself, and mixing and matching just-so. It's also about being prepared for when that shoe you thought was comfy gives you blisters, and when that sweater you thought wasn't too itchy, well, is.
With the right mix of styled and unstyled, everyone has the potential to nail just the right balance. For sartorial inspiration, ahead are show goers who made it look easy.