Fans Are Just Catching Onto This Major Harry Potter Easter Egg

Prepare to have your minds blown faster than you can say "confringo," because fans of the Wizarding World's film franchise have stumbled upon an Easter egg that brings Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them author Newt Scamander directly into Hogwarts during the same time Harry Potter and Co. were in school.
Think back, if you will, to the Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, when Fred and George Weasley first gave Harry the Marauder's Map. It was awesome, right? I mean, who wouldn't want a map that showed you where your enemies (and headmasters) were at all times, especially if you solemnly swore you were up to no good?
Well, it turns out that while Harry was looking at the map one night, Scamander was spotted in the halls of Hogwarts. If you were like me, you may have missed him while you were watching former Headmistress Antonia Creaseworthy's scuttling footprints.
Because the internet can sometimes be used for good instead of evil, people have started tossing theories around as to why Newt was at the school he started attending back in 1909.
According to Seventeen, one Quora user hypothesized that Newt was there to help save Buckbeak from execution after he (justifiably) attacked whiny Draco Malfoy.
"We all know that Dumbledore was Newt's teacher before he was expelled from Hogwarts. He also fought for Newt," the user wrote. "Dumbledore knew the series of events in Prisoner of Azkaban and he strongly wanted to save Buckbeak so it might be possible that he called Newt because was aware of the fact that Newt had an immense love for magical creatures."
The commenter continued, saying that Newt, like Hagrid, knew how to care for hippogriffs, especially since his mother was a breeder of the magnificent creatures.
Others have speculated that the 90-something-year-old Newt could have just been visiting Dumbledore or speaking before a classroom, though the thought of him helping save Buckbeak is just so much more satisfying.

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