Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Maximise the weekend rest time! On Tuesday, life takes off at a gallop — and not just because we'll all be feeling the industrious energy of autumn. On Tuesday, go-getter Mars switches from hedonistic Leo to hardworking Virgo. Even the slackers could suddenly start producing results with the red planet here until October 22. Earth sign Virgo is also a big fan of selfless service. Scout out a volunteer opportunity or get into some autumn activism. With rights being challenged at every turn, sadly, there won't be a shortage of causes to get behind. Choose consciously-farmed, sustainable sourced, and eco-friendly goods. Green is the new black!
On Wednesday, 2017's only full moon in Pisces will fuel our fantasies. Brace yourself: This energy can be both enchanting and infuriating. Pisces is the sign that rules illusions, escapism, and even addiction. While we may feel a strong emotional pull toward situations, there is also a tendency to romanticise or even delude ourselves. This is not the week to play with fire or say "just this once" about a known vice — whether it's one more drink or that Tinder date who keeps ghosting after you sleep together. Use these moonbeams to reflect, meditate, and surrender. You could have a life-changing epiphany simply because you quieted your mind. Fortunately, Mercury also wraps up a retrograde this Tuesday, putting the kibosh on all the mixed messages that have been making heads spin since August 12. Facts will emerge — some shocking, even — that help us all get a clear read on befuddling situations and decide how best to respond.

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