Chrissy Teigen Wears Brow Powder Every Single Day — But It's Not Where You Think

We have to admit, when we sat down with Chrissy Teigen this month to talk beauty in celebration of her latest collaboration with highlighter juggernaut Becca Cosmetics, we were were hoping to glean a little of that Teigan beauty magic. After all, the Lip Sync Battle presenter is the patron saint of dropping beauty truth bombs that other celebs don’t dare talk about (like the time she had her arm pit lipo-ed or when she hilariously discovered that spray tanning and breast feeding don’t mix).
Sure enough, our girl didn’t disappoint. Her latest beauty bomb? Well, brace yourselves, friends, because it’s a game changer. Yes, like you and me, Teigen wears brow powder as part of her get-out-the-door fast daily beauty routine. But here’s the hitch: She doesn’t put it on her face.
When listing off her everyday makeup must-do’s, Teigen prioritises, “eyebrow, eyelash, a lip, and then filling in my hairline,” she says casually. Um, back up: Filling in your hairline? Please do tell, queen Tiegan. “I have very light baby hairs,” the (currently) deep chestnut-maned she explains. “Yes, you must fill in your hairline with your brow powder. It’s crucial. I do it every day [because] it makes me more put together, without being put together...”

It’s crucial. I do it every day [because] it makes me more put together, without being put together...

- Chrissy Teigen
The genius hack not only gives the effect of fuller hair at the root, it also helps cut down on oiliness, like a dry shampoo might. The technique also happens to go deep in the vault of Hollywood hair secrets. Not even her longtime colourist, Tracey Cunningham (a Redken Creative Consultant who created the show-stopping blonde look that Teigen still treasures to this day), knew about this practice. “It’s new to me and I've heard everything,” she told R29. “I love my Chrissy. She's so innovative and up for anything, I can see her doing this and pulling it off flawlessly!”
To nail the look at home, Cunningham suggests using a brow powder with a teensy brush, in a shade lighter than your natural hair colour. “Apply it in the part and temples, and blend it through,” she offers.
If maxing out your prized (and pricey) brow powder on an inches-long part and hairline seems too costly an endeavour (we don’t even want to know how much brow powder Teigen goes through in a month), try a product directly made for the job — but read the labels carefully. See, most root touch-up powders are made to address the hair only (and won’t do much to conceal the space on the scalp between sparse hairs). So when powdering your scalp, reach for something made for the job, like Kristofer Buckle Full Disclosure Scalp Cover Duo, which includes a pomade-and-powder combo designed just for the scalp. (The longtime makeup artist to Mariah Carey also swears by this trick!)
Or, if tackling your entire hairline with a teeny brow powder brush feels like a major time suck, try airbrush instead. Temptu Airpod Airbrush Root Touch-Up & Hair Color gives the illusion of thicker hair at the scalp, without transferring onto your forehead or favorite top.
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