Mel B Gave Simon Cowell The Diss He Deserved On America's Got Talent

Word to the wise: Do not mess with Mel B.
The former Spice Girl, who proudly carried the badass moniker "Scary Spice," put fellow judge Simon Cowell in his place on Tuesday night during a live taping of a two-hour America's Got Talent episode after he made a wildly inappropriate "joke" about her sex life, according to Billboard.
Following what he considered lack-lustre escape-artist act, the former American Idol judge cracked a smile and, for some reason, decided to strike at both the performer and Mel B.
"I kind of imagine this would be a lot like Mel's wedding night — a lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery," he said with a grin.
Almost without pause, Mel B picked up her jumbo-sized cup of water and tossed it on Cowell and his white, deep V-neck shirt. Cowell honestly didn't seem that surprised, possibly because he knew he crossed the line. Also, this probably isn't the first time he's been on the receiving end of Mel B's beverage dump.
AGT host and smize queen Tyra Banks couldn't help but drink in the drama, exclaiming, "This is live TV, y'all!"
Though Mel B stormed off the set, she eventually returned to finish judging contestants. After the show, she spoke with Huffington Post UK about the buzz-worthy feud, saying that she did talk to (a hopefully shivering) Cowell.
"I told him he was an arsehole," the British singer said. "And he goes, 'Oh, whatever.'"
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight she added that "he should know if you say something inappropriate, he's going to get stuff thrown at him, in a friendly way."
Would she have done anything differently given the chance?
"I just hoped I would have had, like, cranberry juice in there or something, then his whole body would be really sticky," she told ET with a laugh.
While some outlets have implied that Mel B's reaction could be due to her public divorce from Stephen Belafonte, it's important to note that she did not link the two scenarios in her interviews.
Mel B also told ET that the entire episode had "a lot of emotions" due to the highly personal stories that the contestants shared. But none of the anecdotes resonated with her quite like that of Evie Clair, the 13-year-old girl whose dad has colon cancer. Mel B's father died earlier this year after battling myeloma cancer.
"When her story came up again, I'm like, 'Oh, my gosh, that's very similar to mine,'" she said. "And I wanted to put the story aside and just focus on her voice, but it all just collided."

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