5 Late Summer City Breaks Where The Weather's Still Hot

If, like a fool, you had your summer holiday way back in May or June and have spent the past few months looking longingly at people's Instagram stories from hot sunny climes then, truth be told, you're probably due another (mini) holiday.
Seeing as you probably used most of your holiday days (and money) on that travel blowout earlier in the year, your next option is the mini-break. But where can you fly to in under four hours that'll still be sunny in September and October?
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Istanbul is beautiful, vibrant and surprisingly affordable. Flight and holiday sites like LastMinute.com and Expedia currently have deals that include flights and four nights' stay in one of trendy neighbourhood Karaköy's five-star boutique hotels for under £200. Really.

Once there, check out an exhibition at art space Istanbul '74, grab coffee at Karabatak and pizza at Café Lumiere.

The average temperature for September is 21°C, dropping to 16°C in October.

London flights are from £86 return in September and £88 return in October, using Skyscanner.
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Yep it's going to be busy, but it'll be warm. The average temperature for September is a whopping 27°C, although that does drop to 21°C in October.

If you're after a tan, get a hammam at Les Bains d'Azahara on your first day, where a good scrubbing starts from around £30. Explore the medina by day and stay, if you can, at Riad Tizwa by night. The breakfasts are unreal; ditto for the sleeping arrangements.

Head to Bakchich Café and Mama Afrika for food.

Manchester flights are from £162 return in September and £120 return in October, using Skyscanner.
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As long as you steer clear of Rhodes New Town (think lads on tour and boozy beaches), Rhodes Old Town is positively delightful. It's fortified – ie. built within the ruins of an old medieval walled town – and exploring all the twists and turns and hidden alleyways and shops and restaurants could take days.

While there, check out the Archaeological Museum (it's a little dry but impressive nonetheless) and go shopping, but mainly eat everything in sight because the veg is so fresh, and the seafood even more so. Eat lunch at To Marouli vegetarian restaurant and dinner at Nireas seafood restaurant.

The beaches in the Old Town are a little bit lacking but if you can rent a car there are plenty of quieter beaches in the south of the island.

And with an average September temperature of 25°C, dropping to a not-too-shabby 21°C in October, there's still plenty of opportunity for getting some sun.

London flights from £164 return in September and £100 return in October, using CheapFlights.
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Back to Morrocco for the only true beach holiday of the lot – Essaouira, the old hippie hangout that lies about three hours to the south of Marrakech. Or you can get a direct flight from Luton with EasyJet.

Once there, it's all about the beach, the souk, the surf and lazy eating surrounded by beautiful views. Head to The Loft Café for said beautiful food, get lost around the town that appeared as Astapor on Game Of Thrones, and go dancing at the Caravane Café.

Temperatures are 19°C and 18°C respectively across September and October although, being a windy beach town, it's probably actually a lot hotter.

London Luton flights are from £118 return in September and £101 return in October, using Skyscanner.
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Valletta, Malta

About as far south as you can get in Europe, Malta's capital Valletta is one of your best bets for a bit of autumn sun, with temperatures averaging 24°C in September and 21°C in October.

Also a walled city, Valletta is another good place to get lost wandering down alleyways and finding hidden restaurants and shops. Grab lunch at Soul Food (catering to vegans, too!) and go shopping at the No.Me studio and Taproom for dinner.

Pop around the headland to Rinella Bay for beach time. Malta has some great value accommodation on Airbnb, including this sea facing penthouse for only £54 a night.

Leeds Bradford flights are from £59 return in September and £43 return in October, using Skyscanner.

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