Read This Epic Story About A Guy Who Scheduled 6 Dates In One Night

If you're going to double or, you know, sextuple-book dates, maybe don't try to have them all in the same bar, 45 minutes apart. It's a lesson one guy recently learned, when the six dates he booked in one night all banded together to call him out.
Lisette Pylant, who seems to have been date #1 (but who knows if there were more dates who got out before her), live-tweeted the story after she realised that her blind date was actually trying to have first dates with several other women.
What she thought was the end, though, was just another beginning because it turned out that three more women were on their way to meet up with this guy. Pylant, Riley, and Katie had bonded so much with bartenders at the first bar that one of them texted the women when date #4 showed up.
So they did what any true friend would do, and went to fetch her.
And for anyone who questioned their story (because, to be honest, it does seem a little too wild to be real), Pylant has the photo receipts to prove it.
Soon, Plyant and her new crew intercepted girl #5 before she ever even met up with the guy. Girl #5 (aka Allie) sent some devious texts claiming that she was on the way when she was in fact in the bar with Plyant and the other women. And date #4 (Claire) did actually go through with her date, but was also planning to meet up with the others to "debrief."
Apparently, the guy is a project manager and told Pylant that he knows how to manage his time efficiently. The "dates" to him were actually "pre-date conversations" because he's looking for a wife, not a girlfriend. While we can kind of understand his thought process, six in one night is just too much. There's no harm in double-booking dates now and then, but the golden rule of multi-dating is that you don't let your dates know you have other dates — or else it leads to situations like this.
He finally realised after Pylant and her squad stole date #6 (and her mum and aunt for some reason) that he wasn't going to get a second date out of his night of faux-speed dating and left the bar.
While it's clear that the night was pretty epic, Plyant isn't sharing the guy's full name (though his first name is apparently Justin) because she doesn't want to feed him to the Twitter wolves. "I'm down to drag a guy when he deserves it but no one deserves to have people come after them personally over something as stupid as this," she wrote in a later tweet.
For the most part, it seems that Plyant and dates #2 through 6 aren't too angry at Justin, but they do find the whole situation pretty damn funny.
"This is honestly the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me,” Pylant told Select All. “Friends of mine have been tweeting about it at Ava DuVernay [a movie director and screenwriter]. If someone stars in a movie about me it better be Rihanna.”
But a lot of people are comparing the situation to a movie that already exists — John Tucker Must Die. Including the screenwriter himself.
And it seems that this story might end in a similar way, with the women from Justin's multi-date coming together to build a beautiful new friendship.
“We’re making a ‘Sister Wives’ group chat and taking selfies and planning a brunch," Plyant told Select All. "We’re gonna watch John Tucker Must Die."
Refinery29 has reached out to Pylant and will update this article when we receive a response.
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