The Bizarre ASMR Videos That Will Help You To Relax

Photo: via @theslimeyshop.
ASMR videos have been around for a long time.
In case you've somehow escaped the craze thus far (and boy have you been missing out), ASMR stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response" which is essentially a pleasant tingly sensation that crawls over the skin. It has been categorised as a "low-grade euphoria" and well, it feels pretty cool.
ASMR went mainstream a few years back when videos of people whispering in a certain way became super popular. The pleasing way these people formed words was producing ASMR-type responses.
This year, though, it's all about the slime. Yeah, slime. Slime videos have over four million tags on Instagram. They are pleasing on both the eyes and the ears. Why? Who knows. They are bloody delicious to watch, though.
But where to start? We gave our colleague Orla 10 slime videos to view on Instagram and asked how they made her feel...

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