Take Some Time To Look At This Guy's Naked Butt For Charity (NSFW)

If you're interested in sexy naked man butts, consider today a gift. Because we just discovered an Instagram page on which one guy has been posting photos of his very tight, very naked backside — and we're here to share it with you.
The account, @misteroutdoors, is run by an anonymous guy who never actually shows his face in the photos. He started the project just for fun, because he enjoyed stripping down in gorgeous natural settings and posting the photos online.

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But when he saw how popular his Instagram posts had become (the page has almost 40,000 followers as of writing), he decided it was time to put his butt to work.
"Hello Buttlovers!
First I wanna say thank you for all your likes and comments. Never have I thought that something I started just for fun for myself would get such a welcome response," he wrote in a post in May. "Many of you asked about buying prints, and that's when I realised it's time to put this butt to work and hopefully make a little difference."

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Mr. Outdoors started a website called buttforgood.com in order to sell prints of his photos in exchange for donations to charities he finds important. Prints go for $25 each, and 50% of the profits are donated to one of three organisations: Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, and the American Civil Liberties Union.
Shipping anywhere within the U.S. is totally free, and for just $5 extra Mr. Outdoors will ship the prints anywhere in the world.

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Somewhere along his butt-selfie posting journey — Mr. Outdoors takes many of the photos himself, though some are taken by a (very close) friend — Mr. Outdoors became less about the person and more about the idea. And that's part of the reason he wants to remain anonymous, because it's not really even about him.
"At this point it's not about the person, for me it's about the cause," he tells Refinery29. "Mr. Outdoors is just a character now. It just makes more sense to me. [There are] less distractions and it allows people to focus on what's important (or at least to enjoy the pics without any preconceived ideas about who the person is)."

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It became clear to him after gaining so many new followers so quickly and the fact that many of his followers were asking for prints, that he had an opportunity to use his guilty pleasure for good.
"I had a moment of realising that instead of just feeding my own ego and vanity, I could actually do something positive with it and maybe even make a difference," Mr. Outdoors says. "Otherwise, what's the point?"
Even before he was selling prints to make a difference, we're willing to bet Mr. Outdoors brightened many people's days...and that's something. But we're glad he's decided to use his (very toned) bottom for good.
If nothing else, it gives us one more reason to look at it.
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