Bella Hadid Explained Why She Worked So Hard To Be Financially Independent

Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images.
It's safe to say Bella Hadid has fully stepped out of her sister's shadow. The youngest Hadid sister signed to IMG Models in 2014, and has become a household name in the industry (and beyond!) ever since. It turns out her hard work over the past three years hasn't just been for the purpose of becoming a supermodel, but to thank her parents for all their hard work that gave her this opportunity in the first place.
"In the past two months I've had three days off," she revealed in an interview with Elle. "I also hate saying no to things, which is my worst quality."
It sounds like this trait may just be hereditary. Her own father, Mohamed Hadid, has a similar work ethic, which was fundamental to his success when he moved his family to America.
"I saw my dad come to America and have to start fresh and build up to what he has now," the 20-year-old explained to the outlet. "He left Palestine and came to America when he was older and started making the money he has now. People can say whatever they want about him, but I know how hard he worked to get where he is now."
It's not just her dad. Her mother, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Yolanda Hadid, is also an example to her daughter.
"My mum had to ride her bike to get to school every morning in Holland," Bella continued.
This is why it was of utmost importance to the model to become financially independent and as soon as possible — she felt her parents had already done enough.
"There's no way I can sit on my ass and do nothing," she told Elle. "The only thing I can do to repay them is work as hard as they did. I never liked spending my parents' money, so when I turned 17 and I was able to start having my own career, the only thing I really wanted was to be financially independent by the time I was 18, which I ended up doing."
If Bella Hadid has accomplished all this by age 20, we only anticipate even bigger and better things in her future.

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