Kim Kardashian Took A Buzzfeed Quiz And The Results Will Shock You

Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images.
Kim Kardashian-West is almost superhuman in her ability to make money and look fantastic 24/7. But she's also just like us, as proved by the fact that she took a Buzzfeed quiz. Those things are incredibly addicting and know you better than you know yourself. That might be the case for Kardashian-West. She took a "Are You More Kim Kardashian or Chrissy Teigen?" quiz and got...Chrissy Teigen?
Buzzfeed is home to an insane amount of personality quizzes like "Does Your Crush Like You?" and "Shop At Zara And We'll Tell You Where You'll Meet Your Soulmate." Before you know it, you're in a deep dark hole full of nothing but questions like "Pick a snack" or "Which dog breed?" Ice cream and Corgi, by the way.
These two celebrities have been #friendgoals ever since the pair and their husbands, Kanye West and John Legend, went on a Waffle House date. They since have started a book club together ,and Teigen has even offered to be Kardashian-West's surrogate.
The reality TV star tweeted Teigen a link to the quiz last night, asking if they both should take it. Chrissy Teigen hasn't responded yet and the suspense is killer.
Kardashian-West tweeted her results out immediately, probably because she was as shocked as the rest of us.
The quiz features questions asking you to pick a snack, shoe, pet, second home, method of transportation, and a nail colour. I chose things like curly fries, a golden retriever, and nude nail polish and got Kim Kardashian. It's definitely not an exact science, but it is interesting to think that our perception of Kardashian-West might not be who she really is.
Still, we can't deny that Kardashian-West is an fantastic trendsetter. Maybe more celebs will give into the allure of a Buzzfeed quiz. I'd love to see Chris Pratt find out that he belongs in Taylor Swift's girl gang and will get married when he's 75.

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