Don't Fancy A Marathon? This "Mindful Triathlon" Could Be For You

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
If you fancy setting yourself a physical challenge (and maybe raising some money for charity in the process), your options can seem a bit limited—you either try a sponsored run, swim, or cycle ride.
But now there's another, calmer-sounding option: a "Mindful Triathlon" is taking place in London's Victoria Park on Saturday the 23rd of September. Participants will complete a 5K run or walk, followed by a 90-minute yoga session soundtracked by a DJ.
The "triathlon" will then be rounded off with a 30-minute guided meditation session. Basically, it sounds like a winning mix of wellbeing and (relatively) light cardio.
On the day, participants will also be able to sample other fun-sounding activities including acroyoga, aerial yoga, and hooping. As you'd expect, a variety of food stalls will be selling nourishing snacks and drinks, too. The world famous Kula Marketplace will also be at the festival featuring a selection of vendors spanning apothecary, clothing, jewellery, and handcrafted items.
Big names from the fitness and wellness world including health guru and best-selling author Julie Montagu, Celest Pereira and Michael James Wong are among those leading the mindful triathlon stages.
The event is being organised by Wanderlust, a company which aims to promote mindful living, and tickets are available now via Eventbrite. Prices start at £21.80 per person with £1 from every ticket sold donated to the Hope for Children charity. But of course, there's nothing stopping you from raising your own additional sponsorship money and giving it to a charity of your choice.
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