Exclusive: These Are PETA's Sexiest Vegans Of The Year

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There are many different reasons to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle, from a desire to pursue a healthier diet to a passion for Morrissey. If you're looking into becoming an herbivore, you are in good company: plenty of beloved celebrities are proud vegetarians or vegans, from Gwen Stefani to Kristen Bell. Every year, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) bestows a very special award for the celebrity vegans who show that living meat-free can be super, well, sexy. However, the pool was so sexy this year that PETA couldn't pick just one star to hand the award to. Instead, the Sexiest Vegan of the Year award went to a trio of celebrities you likely already love.
PETA typically picks a man and woman as the Sexiest Vegans of the Year, but decided to change things up in 2017 by choosing three kickass ladies instead. Call them vegan wonder women, because in addition to their various projects in the entertainment industry, they're also making time to fight for causes they believe in.
Ruby Rose is one such honoree. The Orange Is The New Black actress has long been an activist for animal rights, and even stripped down for PETA's magazine for an ad that encouraged people not to support the fur industry. She also is a proponent of fighting climate change by going vegan.
World of Dance host Jenna Dewan Tatum also made the list this year. She previously appeared in an ad for PETA condemning the sales of exotic skins in fashion, and reportedly became a vegetarian at age 11 after seeing a documentary on slaughterhouses.
The last sexy vegan on PETA's list is Maggie Q, who is currently starring on Designated Survivor. Like her co-honorees, she appeared in a PETA ad, this time as "Mother Earth" to promote helping the environment by eating a more plant-based diet. In January of 2017, she staged a protest against Canada Goose’s fur-trimmed and feather-filled jackets.
It's safe to say that these ladies don't back down when they find something they care about. What could be sexier than that?

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