This Teen Came Out To Her Homophobic Family On Instagram

Photographed by Stephanie Gonot.
Coming out to family members and friends is not easy. Though when your family is brazenly homophobic that challenge — the stress, the anxiety, the looming questions about how you and your family’s relationship will be forever changed — poses another set of hurdles unto itself.
For many, the idea of coming out as a teen while still living under the same roof with a homophobic family is understandably too much stress to bear. Which is why when one teen named Ellisa decided to come out to her homophobic family it garnered a massive response online.
According to Pink News, the 16-year-old Ellisa posted several images of herself at Chicago’s pride parade which took place late June. However, it was her heartfelt caption that captivated her supporters. “[I]t's terrifying thinking you're alone in this world,” she wrote. “it's even more terrifying thinking the people closest to you, whether that be family or friends, will think of you differently for something you really can't change about yourself. it's terrifying having to hide a huge part of your life. life is terrifying. but what I do know is you shouldn't be terrified of love. nobody should ever make you feel terrified of something so beautiful. today I felt love. not in a way I've ever felt before. I loved the masses.”
She then continued to discuss the power of love and how we should never hide who we are. The kicker? The ending: “I'm gay and I fucking love me. and that shouldn't be a secret,” she ended it, marked with a yellow heart emoji.
However, Ellisa didn’t end it there. On Twitter, the teen, who’s since celebrated her 17th birthday, tweeted an accompanying message to her post on Instagram.
“Guess Who Just Came Out To Their Homophobic Family Via Instagram” she tweeted along with two photos of herself looking pretty badass. In one image the words “ME” are written over the photo. Since posting the message it’s been liked more than 70,000 times. Check it out below.

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