The Game-Changing Fragrances Set To Shake Up Your Signature Scent

The fragrance industry is not widely associated with innovation. Unlike the rest of the rapidly evolving beauty world, it favours classicism and tradition over Next Big Things. But there’s a shift in focus on the horizon, thanks to a host of disruptors that refuse to conform to tried-and-tested methods, opting to think outside the faceted glass bottle instead.
We now demand more from our beauty products than ever before, so it seems only right that the heritage-steeped world of perfumery should follow suit. In the same way a heavily retouched photo of a 17-year-old supermodel no longer has us running to the shops for the latest mascara, a budget-busting fragrance ad – think same supermodel, candy-floss dress, Parisian balcony – doesn’t quite sell us another powdery floral scent. A fragrance revolution couldn’t have come at a better time. Click through for our roundup of the cutting-edge brands to have on your radar.

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