Was Kate Nash's GLOW Look Inspired By This Iconic '80s Redhead?

On Friday, after much build up over several months of anticipation, the Binge Gods blessed us with, GLOW.
This ‘80s-themed Netflix series captures a special moment in history, a time when scrunchies and big hair flourished and when the IRL female wrestling league, Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, was formed.
In the series, the UK's own Kate Nash (yes, that Kate Nash!) plays Rhonda Richardson and, after spotting her in the very first episode, we noticed Nash's character bares a striking resemblance to a very real ‘80s icon: Robyn Lively a.k.a. Blake Lively’s older sister.
She particularly looks like Robyn’s character, Louise Miller, in the movie Teen Witch. If you’ve never seen it, please do yourself a favour and hop to it immediately. If you have, then, you’ll surely see it: Nash’s big red hair and her character’s awkward smile are eerily reminiscent to the starry-eyed teen we were introduced to (and whose witchy life we desperately envied) circa 1989.

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To top it all off, Nash and Blake’s big sis are nearly the same height: Nash is 5’7 and Robyn is 5’8. In a perfect fanfic world, the two characters would be BFF’s and share each other’s clothes. Can someone please write this up? Thanks.
Despite it taking place way back when, GLOW has been hailed by some critics as a timely series about female empowerment. Considering how the 10-episode series tackles the physicality of wrestling, it’s not hard to see why.
In a recent interview with People, Nash spoke about empowerment and how times have changed for the better. "Everything’s slightly different now because feminism is now front and centre," Nash explained. "It’s mainstream. There are still shit magazines that will look at women’s bodies. But I’ve seen reactions from influencers, and if someone talks about a women and the way she looks, women jump in like ‘no, you can’t fucking say that. What’s it to do with you?'"

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