Time To Call In Sick, Zara's Having Its Epic Sale Again

Inarguably, two of the greatest words to see next to one another are "Zara" and "sale." And starting today, we're getting just that, as the retailer's annual summer sale has officially kicked off.
As the mecca for all things trendy and affordable, this is the opportunity to stock up on the weird, trendy, or closet-filler items you've been holding back from actually buying. In need of a whimsical two-piece for your summer vacation? Zara has it. Those pearl-embellished boyfriend jeans everyone on Instagram's been wearing? Zara has it. An unconventional button-up that's somehow work-appropriate and Saturday night dinner-ready? Zara has it. Basically, Zara's dressing rooms are about to get impossibly crazier.
So wallets — or walking shoes, if you're planning on hitting a brick-and-mortar store — at the ready. Ahead, we've rounded up our top 30 picks; but if we're being totally honest, we actually want pretty much everything. Ready, set, shop!