This Is The Best Thing To Happen To IKEA Since The Meatballs

Nothing — and we mean nothing — makes spending a day battling hoards of pushchairs and disgruntled partners at IKEA worth it quite like those Swedish meatballs. The savoury spices wafting through the air, the gravy dancing on the plate — we're getting hungry just thinking about it. But if you think that's the most enticing aromatic experience to ever happen to the superstore, well... you'd be right. But not for long.
Soon, you'll be able to pick up specially curated home fragrances from fellow Swedish company, Byredo, at IKEA, according to Lonny. (As if you need one more reason to spend five hours of your Saturday lurking deep within the aisles of the home retailer.) Byredo — which just so happens to also be behind that innovative brush-on perfume we've been raving about — just announced the collaboration, although both parties have yet to reveal specifics.
"Smell is a very relevant part of the home," Ben Gorham, the founder of Byredo, told the website. "It creates a sense of comfort and security. We seldom speak of it and I think this project enforces that as well: getting people to think about smell."
How do they intend to do that? Well, in the same way you have to try multiple different meatballs to find out which one is right for you and your kitchen, it seems as though this fragrance-making process will include a little trial-and-error.
"We’re trying to develop a ton of smells enforcing the idea that everyone has a different relationship to it, and nothing is right or wrong,” Gorham explains. “I think we’re working on using scent to communicate emotions and tell stories of people, culture and design. It’s a layer we’ve imagined can add a very intimate experience to this scale that IKEA works in."
Now that smells good to us.

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