Finally, A Lip Balm For Goths & English Majors Is Here

You simply need to be a person living and breathing in the world to know that Unicorn Madness is real, and it's been infiltrating the beauty industry for much longer than the pink-and-blue Frappuccino was around. So, needless to say, at this point most of us have had our fill of all things holographic, glittery, and adorable.
Now, we just want something real, something badass, something that doesn't take its inspiration from a mythical creature with silver tinsel in its tail. We love magic and fantasy (Harry Potter, mostly), but we’ve been temporarily pushed to the dark side. Which is why it's a good thing one unique and macabre lip balm fell into our laps this week to fill the void.
But it's hot pink, you say. Well, yes, but there's a matte black version, too — colour options are how we get the unicorn people on board with our movement. The skull isn't the end of it, though. On the bottom of each balm is a quote straight from Shakespeare; specifically, Hamlet: “Be all my sins remember’d.” Lit nerds, rejoice!
The best part is that using this balm won’t drive you to madness like Ophelia; it'll just leave you with silky smooth lips that taste like either mint, passionfruit, or — if you insist — vanilla.
Rebels Refinery Capital Vices Skull Lip Balm, available at Rebels Refinery.

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