So, People Are Actually Painting Portraits On Their Hair Now

Out-there hair is having a moment, and we're totally here for it.
Over the past year, our Instagram feeds have been filled with dark purple hues, rose golds, shades of blue, "denim hair," blorange, rainbow roots, geode hair, and more.
Now, we're about to see something even wilder: Hair painted with actual portraits.
According to Allure, hair colourist Ursula Goff of Kansas has unveiled some creations that are so beautiful, they could be hanging in museums if they weren't attached to people's heads.

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In an interview, Goff told Allure the inspiration behind her fine art-inspired styles, which include Van Gogh's Starry Night, Claude Monet's Water Lilies, and Edvard Munch's The Scream.
"I thought of [creating these looks] while I was washing a client's hair," Goff told Allure. "We had pulled her colour palette from Starry Night, and I started wondering while I looked at the colours in the shampoo bowl, how hard it would be to do the actual painting on hair. And since I have painted for much of my life, the concept appealed to me as an excuse to do more artwork."

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Goff told Allure that the reason she paints on extensions rather than on real hair is because she needs to work with the strands at a vertical angle, which can be uncomfortable.

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Allure reports that she paints all of the artwork by hand and refuses to use things like stencils. Some of the creations, like Starry Night, can take Goff up to 10 hours because of the complexity of the colours.
"The light tones [in Starry Night] just meant I had to plan out the colours of the dyes really well because it can be tough to 'undo' hair colour if it's too dark, especially in very specific sizes and shapes like that particular painting has," she told Allure, adding that she "ended up redoing the whole thing about three times."
Colour us impressed!

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