Gordon Ramsay Says You Should Never Order This When You're Out To Eat

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage.
Celebrity chefs usually become celebrity chefs by creating impressive dishes, running hot restaurants, and sharing exciting recipes, but sometimes they also garner attention by revealing some less than appetising food secrets. For example, Anthony Bourdain forever ruined our go-to Sunday brunch order by explaining in his book Kitchen Confidential that hollandaise is a breeding ground for bacteria. Now, another of our fave celeb chefs has given us some info we kind of didn’t want to know.
Ahead of the premiere of Gordon Ramsay’s new U.S. TV show The F Word, Town & Country asked the chef for some restaurant dining tips. That’s when he revealed what, in his opinion, is the one thing you should never order when you go out to eat. According to Ramsay, we should try and stay away from the soup du jour. He suggests asking what the restaurant's soup du jour was yesterday before hearing the soup special for today because as he put it, “It may be the case that it’s the soup du month.”
To be honest, eating day-old soup is far from the grossest thing we can think of, but we’re not all that surprised that Ramsay would be sceptical. This is the chef that, according to his own daughter, is a bit of a “fussy eater.” We eat leftover soup at home all the time — that’s basically how we get through the winter — so eating recycled soup made by professionals doesn’t seem all that bad. Plus, as customers, we might feel too uncomfortable to even ask.
Still, we understand what Gordon's getting at. If you're going to a restaurant where you're expecting to get fresh food, that's what you deserve. But in the grand scheme of nasty restaurant secrets, this one definitely isn't the worst we've heard.

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