This Old School Ice Cream Brand Just Released TWO Non-Dairy Flavors

In the same way that our grandparents refuse to get a smartphone or eat anything rainbow colored with sparkly sprinkles, we usually don't expect old school brands to change their classic products to fit with the times. But Breyers, an ice cream brand that's been around for over 150 years, is an exception. The brand is giving consumers what they want and what so many of us want these days are non-dairy versions of our favorite ice cream flavors. Even those of us who aren't lactose intolerant aren't turning down more frozen dessert options, and Breyers took notice of this consumer trend. The company just released its first-ever non-dairy line, and it features two flavors. Both are made with almond milk, and both are already in stores nationwide.
The first new non-dairy flavor is Vanilla Peanut Butter, and it has a vanilla base will and swirls of creamy peanut butter. We got a chance to taste test the Vanilla Peanut Butter, and unlike some other non-dairy frozen desserts, Breyer's manages to achieve a strong vanilla flavor that isn't overpowered by almond. It also has a texture that's nearly as creamy as the Breyers ice cream many of us grew up on.
The second non-dairy addition to the Breyers family features another dessert we love. The flavor is Oreo Cookies and Cream. Like other cookies and cream ice creams, this one contains generous chunks of Oreo distributed throughout the ice cream, but the ice cream base in this non-dairy dessert is made with almond milk. Adding one of America's favorite cookies to a new kind of frozen treat makes it feel just like a classic. Of course, the true test might be to put a few scoops in front of your grandparents and see if they turn up their noses, but we can say from experience, these new non-dairy flavors are pretty hard to say no to.

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