Make No Mistake: Carrie Bradshaw Had To Pay For All Her Louboutins

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Carrie Bradshaw's enviable wardrobe may have launched a thousand fashion trends, but the truth is, many of her outfits weren't actually hers. Like any show, Sex and the City's wardrobe department got some help from designers, which loaned out clothes and accessories for filming. However, one of Bradshaw's most beloved designers wasn't willing to lend a helping hand. Fashionista reports that during an event at the 92Y, high-heel maestro Christian Louboutin told host Fern Mallis that the hit HBO show's costumers had to buy his famed red-soled shoes, just like anyone else.
Even during the show's peak, which had its characters sauntering around New York City in fresh-from-the-catwalk looks and head-to-toe couture, Louboutin refused to hand out his heels for free. He explained that his friends urged him to send shoes to the show for the publicity, but he stood to his principles, saying that in the end, the shoes got on the show anyway.
"Yes, I know. They called me but they don’t want to pay," Louboutin said, according to WWD. He added that he'd never watched the show, since he lived in France. "Nothing is great publicity when it doesn't pay. That's my job. I design shoes and people buy them."
It's not just Carrie and her friends who have to pay for their own heels (and boots, sandals, and platforms). Louboutin said that even royalty and Hollywood A-listers have to pay. He's not against gifting to his best pals, but Louboutin says that having to shell out hard-earned cash makes the shoes more covetable for everyone, whether they're snagging their very first pair of adding to a collection of sky-high shoes.
"You're dying to have this thing or that thing? That's an important feeling that everybody should be able to have, regardless of how famous you are. So, it's actually an act of charity that I'm doing [by not giving away the shoes for free]," Louboutin said. "That said, I give shoes to friends — so if you're a friend, celebrity or not, I give shoes. But I'm not saying all stars are good friends of mine."
Add that to the list of things fans have in common with Carrie Bradshaw. She's lusting after those signature red soles just like everyone else.
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