Is This Sparkling Wine Even Better Than Prosecco?

Photo: Viktoria Rodriguez / EyeEm.
British drinkers don't just like Prosecco - they really like it. In 2015, the Italian sparkling wine overtook Champagne to become the UK's favourite fizzy tipple. Last year, a supermarket chain even sought to cash in on our penchant for Prosecco by launching a range of festive tea bags mimicking its refreshing flavour.
But now one wine writer has claimed the UK's Prosecco habit is misguided. Apparently, we should all be sipping a different (and rather fancier) Italian sparkling wine instead. Nick Passmore of Forbes argues that Prosecco is a "boring, one-dimensional wine that’s currently enjoying considerable vogue because it’s possessed of one attribute, and one attribute only: bubbles."
"So it goes “Pop!” when the cork's pulled. Spare me please," Passmore adds dismissively.
The wine writer then argues that another Italian fizz, Trentodoc, is far superior because it comes from the "high peaks and steep valleys of the Trentino region in the Dolomites," which apparently gives it a "mineral-infused flavour." He also points out that Trentodoc benefits from the same "slow, difficult and expensive process" that winemakers use when producing Champagne.
Now, intriguing as this is, Trentodoc probably isn't going to replace Prosecco in our hearts and glasses just yet. For one thing, it's much harder to get hold of - you can't pop into your local Tesco Metro and pick up a bottle for less than a tenner. It's also rather pricier. M&S is selling a case of 6 bottles of Trentodoc for £120, while Wine Direct has a selection of Trentodoc blends starting at £23.50 per bottle.
But if someone tops us up with Trentodoc at our next party, we certainly won't be turning it down. Bottoms up!
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