You Can Now Drink Your Prosecco With Rose Gold Glitter

Photo: Getty Images.
Bubbly Champagne or prosecco are generally the go-to drinks of choice when people are set on celebrating (or romancing) but thanks to a brand-new product, that glass of bubbly can get even more festive.
Delish reports that Lakeland is offering up edible glitter designed for prosecco. Add a dash to the bubbly beverage and it'll impart a pretty rose-gold hue.
If that sounds like some sort of culinary alchemy, you're not too far off. While it's marketed specifically at prosecco, there's nothing stopping revellers from adding to anything with fizz. Prosecco and Champagne are natural choices, but why not add some glam to your seltzer? Whatever it gets added to, the Raspberry Shimmer Popaball adds a subtle raspberry flavour and a unique shimmering effect.
As a bonus, this particular formula also contains hearts made of edible gold leaf, so you can watch the edible confetti bounce around those bubbles after you add a hearty sprinkle. The company explains that the drink's bubbles will keep the golden swirls moving, making for a very mesmerising sip.
You can check out the powder in action in the video, below.

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