James Van Der Beek Can't Get Over This ONE Thing About Dawson's Creek

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All of James Van Der Beek's Dawson Creek feelings aren't positive ones. After all, life can get complicated when the thing you are best known for happened 20 years ago and you still can't shake it. There is one thing that triggers an instant negative reaction in the actor: the Dawson's Creek theme song.
That's right. Van Der Beek's ears perk up every time "I Don't Wait To Wait" by Paula Cole comes on. "If I was at karaoke and it started playing, there’s a part of me – and I’m a fucking grown-ass man with four kids – that still wants to go hide under the table," Van Der Beek said in an interview with The Guardian.
He told the UK-based media outlet that the song is a trigger. No matter where he hears it, even in a place as innocuous as a chemist's, he is immediately transported back to that time of his life. Fans of Dawson's Creek remember the hype and hysteria that the cast faced anytime the cast ventured off the North Carolina set of the teen drama. The show was a full-blown phenomenon. Even now, articles about Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes mention Dawson's Creek, and Williams has a Golden Globe award on her mantle. For Van Der Beek, it was a time of high anxiety and self-doubt.
Fans should not get their hopes up for a reunion. In his interview with The Guardian, Van Der Beek cut that one off at the pass. Van Der Beek offered an answer right off the bat. “I felt pretty complete putting that one on the shelf and not looking at him again," he said, talking about his character, Dawson Leery.
Next up for Van Der Beek, the What Would Diplo Do? series for Vice that we told you about in January. Odds are there won't be much Paula Cole that he has to avoid as Diplo. If you don't want to wait, you can watch Van Der Beek as Diplo promoting the DJ's summer tour, the Mad Decent Block Party. Van Der Beek, the emo-idol of our 90s dreams, even rides off on a white horse.
Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that What Would Diplo Do? is a series for Vice. The series is on the Viceland network.

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