I Tried Every Single Product In Emma Watson's Beauty Routine

Photo: Richard Young /REX/Shutterstock.
Through public appearances, recounted tales of fan encounters, and almost a decade’s worth of interviews throughout her career, I’ve reached my own armchair conclusion about Emma Watson, which is that she’s exactly the kind of person you’d be wildly envious of to the point of hatred if she weren’t so cool. Not like, Gone Girl “cool-girl” cool, but smart and interesting and… fun? I don’t know if any of that is true, by the way — I just think I want to be her friend, even though she’d probably be a little annoying at non-vegetarian restaurants.
After reading Emma’s recent beauty confessional on Into The Gloss, where she divulged her totally clean, green approach to makeup and skin care, I was genuinely stricken by how — don’t roll your eyes — relatable she came across. That’s when I realised: I am insufferable when it comes to ingredients and sustainability and animal-friendly ethics in beauty. I’m evangelistic about beauty the way vegans are about… veganism. Emma and I have so much more in common than I thought. (You can roll your eyes now.)
Not content to simply share a few products in common with the star, the natural progression then was for me to convert to her beauty routine entirely. Considering I’ve already detoxed my armpits and have been brushing my teeth with charcoal for a year, I thought taking it to the next, most Emma Watson-approved step would be the perfect way for me to go. With Emma as an example, I decided to experiment with some of her top picks for all-natural stuff to put on your face — and now they’ve become some of my favourites, too.

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