This Grandma Didn't Like Her Husband, So She Replaced Him With Leonardo DiCaprio

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While many of us can’t so much as unfriend our living ex-partners, one grandma found a way to move on.
In a brief, yet hilarious post on Reddit, one user Greentechbuilder posted a photo of a beautiful woman seated next to her husband. The woman, his friend’s grandma, wears a crisp, ruffled blouse adorned with a cameo, while the man behind her sports a flannel button-down and gold jewellery.
The yin and yang wardrobe decisions aren't the problem, though.
It’s the fact that the man, her husband, is covered with a magazine cut out of Oscar-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. “My friends Grandma's house. She put a magazine cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband's face. The 80+ year old's version of photoshop.” While details about the “not so nice” part are still in question, it seems Grandma’s coping mechanism with losing a loved one is a hit with Reddit users.
Since it was posted yesterday the post has received more than 30,000 upvotes.
In junior high, I Scotch-taped a picture of singer Ginuwine’s head (blame "Pony") over an old crush's face, in my heart-filled notebook. But even I wasn’t so bold as too put my love on public display. You've got to give the woman cred for putting her celeb romance of choice out in the open — where it should be of course.
Naturally the photo has attracted a number of hilarious comments.
“I hope Leo finds out about this and sends her an autographed pic!” said user txgingersnap.
“I hope Leo finds out, cuts her out of this pic and sticks her into one of his photos,” said user tecfrigo.
However the best part can be found deep into the thread, where other users recollect seeing similar low-fi Photoshop jobs from older relatives.
My step grandma did something similar to a painting of her wedding portrait. She never liked the portrait. It was a really cheap and poorly done painting of her wedding photo that her ex-husband had made when he was in Thailand. When she got divorced, she had a friend paint over his face with Elvis,” said user dylanus93.
Is this is a photo trend we'll all adopt after a certain age one day?

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