The Shortest, Sweetest Books You Can Read In A Weekend

Designed by Ariel Davis
Between Netflix marathons, the working week grind, and social engagements, we get it. You’re busy. Too busy, perhaps, to crack open that book gathering dust on your bedside table (looking at you, Infinite Jest).
Let’s leave the 500-page books for our next summer holiday — or, more likely, for retirement. For now, you need a book that can fit into your busy schedule. These short books all possess the virtue of brevity. Plus, with gripping (and occasionally intergalactic) plots and equally sharp prose, we doubt you’d be able to put them down if you tried.
Enjoy them in a weekend, or pick them up and put them down as you please. You’ll still be giving your brain much-needed nourishment. Trust us, they’re worth your precious time.

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