THIS Is Kendall Jenner's All-Time Favourite Junk Food

Photo: Matteo Prandoni/BFA/Shutterstock/REX.
The Kardashians are never ones to hold back. The famous fam really can't, since the E! cameras are never far and each member of the reality TV dynasty shares just about everything on social media. Where does Rob Kardashian spend most of his Postmates budget? We know that. What earrings did Kendall Jenner wear on last week's episode? She shared that on Insta. And Kim Kardashian? Well, she's an open e-book. She doesn't take a step (or selfie) without it going documented somewhere.
Add this to the running list of fun family facts you've been compiling: Today on her app, Kendall Jenner let everyone know what her favourite junk food is. Considering she's a runway star, editorial diva, and hat enthusiast, you'd think she'd be chomping down on healthy snacks like roasted chickpeas and spiced almonds, but even she gets cravings for some real junk. Her pick? Chilli Cheese Fritos.
That's right. Jenner, who can have a life of caviar and Champagne, chows down on Fritos just like the rest of us. She calls the crispy, spicy corn chips her "favourite vice." Chilli Cheese isn't the easiest Frito flavour to find, since classic corn Original and Flamin' Hot seem to dominate store shelves everywhere.
What else does Jenner consider a vice? She listed the Westfield Topanga in Canoga Park, CA, as her favourite mall (Is that even a vice?) and British Airways as her favourite airline. Again, is any carrier really a vice?
It's good to know that Jenner enjoys her junk food, however. Thanks to her Instagram feed, we know that she enjoys a good McDonald's session with her best friends, makes her own pizza when she feels fancy, and tries her best to stave off any cravings with a certain pink wall (don't try that at home, folks).

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