The Trainers We're Eyeing Up Right Now

We're fairly obsessed with trainers at Refinery29. We revel in a chunky sole, a neat colour combination, a leather lace, a fashion x sportswear collab. We've been known to sprint to the trainer shop on Shoreditch High Street to pick up the latest drop at lunchtime. Luckily for us, it's a saturated market, so there's always plenty to choose from – but all the more reason to be discerning. The tiniest detail can make or break a trainer, so pay attention, and find the details that speak to you. Maybe all your trainers are white, minimalist and discreet, or maybe you're a subtle dresser from neck to ankle but you bring the party in high-vis high-tops with jazzy limited-edition laces.
A person's trainers can say a lot – we like to think ours say a lot about us, so choose wisely. To help, we've picked our favourite kicks from our favourite brands, out now or coming soon.