What We Wore To The Women’s March On Washington

Photographed by Michelle Groskopf
Today's Women's March on Washington was one of the largest demonstrations in American history (and we're not even counting all the people who attended the sister marches in other cities all over the world). The sheer size of the march makes sense when you consider that its main mission — to promote and defend women's rights — speaks to America's single largest "minority" group. Women make up 51% of the American population, and a large part of the fight means showing those in power that this constituency and its needs will be impossible to ignore. It makes sense, then, that we dressed to be seen.
We wore pantsuits and Pussyhats and clear backpacks and puffer coats. We wore saris and hijabs and wigs and weaves. Some of us wore what we wear every day, and some of us wore our nicest things out, but all of us came with the intention to be recognised for our womanhood. The people who attended represent the wide cross-section of the myriad backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies, and the things we picked to wear showcase that variety.
Ahead, we're showing the women who joined us (and you! and her!) at the march today, and the outfits they chose for it.